About Voltfolio

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What is Voltfolio?

In essence, Voltfolio is a blog. It is a portfolio of electronics projects (hence the name), with the occasional off topic post. I hope to fill this site with electronics, mechanical, and other scientific projects.

Who Writes the Blog Posts?

A Picture of Shane

Hi! I'm Shane Oberloier. I am currently an electrical engineering student at Saginaw Valley State University. I work as a co-op at a company called Wineman Technology, helping design various data acquisition systems for a large market of companies (mainly aerospace and automotive). I am also on SVSU's FSAE team, where I help design electronics for the car; including the wiring harness, dash, and data acquisition systems. I've decided to start Voltfolio for two reasons; I've recently got an itch to join the hobbyist electronics blogger community, and I feel that maintaining a blog will encourage me to create new content, and document it well. And while you're browsing, feel free to check out my fiance' Sarah's Blog.